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Need VMware Training?

When people go looking for vSphere 6 training, they usually start by checking out VMware's own VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage [v6] class.That class is very expensive (over $4,000USD for 5 days) and only covers some of the many components that make up vSphere 6.

What do you do if you need ongoing access to quality VMware vSphere 6 training at a more reasonable price? ESXLab has the answer - our All Course Bundle gives you unlimited access to every course on our site! This bundle includes:

  • Video training on 23+ chapters of VMware vSphere 6 content with no expiry date
  • Our complete vSphere 6 Study Guide and Lab Guide and Boot Camp Supplement course books (over 1,120 pages) in printable PDF format
  • Optional 7, 14 or 30 days consecutive days of remote hands-on lab rentals
  • In-course Questions and Answers
  • Optional Ask-The-Expert service where you can ask our VMware experts questions, get advice, etc. on general VMware questions (not necessarily related to the course material)
  • Optional Weekly Mentoring where you can join other course takers in a general Q&A session with senior VMware consultants
  • Discounts on our ESXLab Certified Virtualization Specialist (ECVS) certification exam

With video-on-demand, you train on your schedule. You also pay a lot less than the published price for authorized VMware training courses. Why pay high prices for authorized training when you can get objective video-on-demand self paced training with books, optional labs, mentoring and optional certification for much less?

What Do I Get?

You get literally every course we publish - both now and in the future. This course bundle provides you with site wide unlimited access. Take any course, any time you want. When we add new courses (and we expect to add a lot of new courses in the near future), you get those too - no extra charge. We are offering this bundle for people who love VMware and vSphere and who want to improve their skills and abilities through continuous learning.

This class bundle gives you:
  • 23 chapters of training offering you over 37hrs of recorded lectures - the equivalent of almost 10 days of normal instructor led classroom training
  • All the information you need to install, configure, administer and troubleshoot all of the major features offered by your vSphere 6 license.
  • Training on higher end features like Load Balanced DRS clusters, High Availability clusters, vSphere Replication, VM Backup and Recovery, Distributed Virtual Switches, Performance and more
  • Unlimited access to these course topics with no expiry date and no time limit
  • ESXLab's full course Study Guide (over 740 pages of slides and notes) and Lab Guide (over 240 pages of detailed how-to instructions to install, configure and use all major vSphere 6 features) and our Boot Camp Supplement (additional 146 pages of additional lecture and lab material)
  • Optional 7, 14 or 30 consecutive days (24hrs/day) of remote hands-on lab environment so you can work through practical, detailed labs to build your familiarity and experience using vSphere 6 (you pick the lab start date/time. Lab access includes full technical support during the length of your lab rental
  • Question & Answer feedback right inside your course
  • Optional - Ask-The-Expert services where you can ask VMware related questions to our team of senior consultants
  • Optional - Join our Weekly Office Hours web meetings, where you can interact with other students, instructors and consultants using our distance meeting service
  • Optional - Everything you need to successfully challenge the ESXLab Certified Virtualization Specialist exam and earn the ESXLab Certified Virtualization Specialist / Technician (ECVS / ECVT) designation

If you are looking for lots of detail, here is a link to the full course outline.

List of Current Chapters

  1. How to install and configure ESXi 6.0
  2. Introduction to Virtual Networking
  3. Network Attached Storage and Network File System
  4. Advanced Virtual Networking Security, Performance, Reliability
  5. Virtual Hardware and Virtual Machines
  6. Central Management with vCenter Server
  7. Rapid Deployment with Virtual Machine Templates and Clones
  8. ESXi and vCenter Security and Permission Model
  9. Fibre, iSCSI and NFS 4.1 Shared Storage
  10. Direct VM to SAN LUN Access with Raw Device Maps
  11. VMFS - VMware's Cluster File System
  12. Infrastructure Monitoring with vCenter Alarms
  13. Resource Management and Resource Pools
  14. Workload Migration with VMware vCenter Converter
  15. Virtual Machine Cold, Hot and Storage Migration
  16. VMware Distributed Resource Scheduling Load Balanced Clusters
  17. VMware High Availability Clusters
  18. Continuous VM Availability with VMware Fault Tolerance
  19. Disaster Preparedness with vSphere Replication
  20. ESXi Host Patching with VMware Update Manager
  21. ESXi Host and Virtual Machine Performance Analysis and Tuning
  22. Introduction to Distributed Virtual Switches
  23. Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery with VMware Data Protection

A complete course syllabus is available for review (along with many free lectures), in the Course Curriculum section at the bottom of this page!

Is this Course for Me

We assume that you are an IT professional with prior experience in servers, operating systems and networking. We assume no prior knowledge of vSphere. We start at the beginning by showing you how to install, configure and use ESXi 6. We move on to cover Networking, File Shares, Creating VMs, Installing and running vCenter and much, much more.Please review the chapter roster for full details. Go into each chapter to review a detailed outline of the major topics and individual slide titles. Try the free lectures and decide for yourself if this training is right for you.

Value Pricing

This course includes 23 chapters / 37+ hours of recorded lectures, full course books, optional lab rentals, support, optional mentoring, Q&A, our optional Certification Exam and more. The regular cost for just the videos is $20/chapter or $460. This bundle gives you all of the videos plus our Boot Camp book set - a $199.95 value at no additional charge. There isn't a better (or less expensive) way to learn vSphere 6.

Bonus - Course Books Included!

Get the full course book set including a 740+ page Study Guide with full slide notes and a 240+ page Lab Guide plus our 146 page Boot Camp supplement with detailed steps to complete all labs included in this course bundle

Optional - Add Remote Lab Rentals

ESXLab rents ready-to-use VMware practice labs for all of our courses. Our remote labs are access through any PC, notebook or tablet that has an HTML 5 compliant browser. Your lab rental is dedicated to you (not shared) and available 24hrs/day during your lab rental period.

Your labs are bundled in with this course. You can start whenever you are ready!

Lab Rentals
ESXLab rents VMware practice labs for all courses. Lab rental prices are as follows:

Length of Lab Rental (Consecutive Days) Price
7 Days $99.95USD
14 Days $149.95USD
30 Days $199.95USD
Other Contact us for a quote

Please contact us to add remote labs to your order.

What People Say About ESXLab Training

Below is some of the unsolicited feedback we have received on ESXlab VMware vSphere 6 training courses...

One of my friends showed me your vSphere 6 VMotion lecture. I am amazed with the level of detail you provided. I've seen PluralSight.com and CBTnuggets.com's training and yours is the most informative.

Rajesh Sood - Sr. System Analyst

ESXLab is outstanding. Their platform isn't a contrived lab build. They gave us access to a Win 2008R2 Server and to a complete lab environment. They also supply a setup manual, lab manual, student guide (that could easily replace a Sybex book) and responsive help desk for instructors. This is a complete solution. I'd use it in the future for this class without reservation."

D. Durr - Contractor, Consultant and Trainer

D. Durr

K Etter

Wanted to say thank you for teaching our vSphere class. I have had good and bad experiences with training, so I always go into these classes hoping they will be worth it. Your class definitely was. I learned quite a bit and will apply it immediately to my current VMware environment. And the new VMware environment I am working on soon will benefit even more.

K. Etter - Architect at MSKTD & Associates

Instructor was smart, patient, and well organized. He kept the class interesting and kept the students engaged and participate. He is one of the very best instructors I have encountered in my 18 years in HPE.

J. Smith - Manager, HPE

J Smith

M Marshal

I just wanted to thank you for teaching a great class. I got a lot out of it and have already put many of the things I learned to use.We had to upgrade our environment and your class made that much easier. It was wonderful having the hands-on lab experience before our upgrade so that we could practice in a safe setting. I also passed the ECVS certification exam. The course did a great job in preparing me. I feel that the exam is very relevant to our real world challenges.

M. Marshall - Gilford Medical

VMware vSphere 6 - All Courses Bundle includes these courses

Install and Configure the ESXi 6.0 Hypervisor
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Introduction to Virtual Networking
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Advanced Virtual Networking - Reliability, Performance and Features
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Connecting ESXi 6 to Network Attached Storage - NAS / NFS
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Create, Configure and Run ESXi 6 Virtual Machines
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Central vSphere 6 Infrastructure Management with vCenter Server
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