Central vSphere 6 Infrastructure Management with vCenter Server

How to Install, Configure and use vCenter Server 6 to centralize host, VM and storage management | taught by Larry Karnis

Course description

vCenter Server lets you centrally manage multiple ESXi host, shared storage, virtual machines and networking. vCenter Server is also absolutely required for you to use the high end features that makes vSphere the only choice for enterprise class virtualization.

In this course you will learn:

  • The common feature set of vCenter Server for Windows and vCenter Server Appliance
  • How to deploy both vCenter Server for Windows and vCenter Server Appliance
  • The SQL database options and requirements for vCenter
  • How to size your vCenter Server installation to function efficiently in your environment
  • How to import the vCenter Server Appliance onto an ESXi 6 host
  • To design and implement vCenter's inventory
  • How to add ESXi hosts to central vCenter management
  • To connect to vCenter Server with Web Client

By the end of this course, you will be able to decide which vCenter management platform is best for you, You'll know how to deploy and configure vCenter and how to use Web Client to take advantage of all of the latest vCenter features and functions.

Larry Karnis
Larry Karnis
VMware Certified Professional - Author, Consultant, Lecturer

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About Me

I am an Information Technology consultant / trainer with over 30 years of experience in system administration, networking, security, infrastructure and security.

I worked for 10 years as a UNIX programmer / consultant before moving to Linux in 1995. I started working with VMware products in 2001 and decided to focus exclusively on VMware in 2004. I earned my first VMware Certified Professional (VCP) designation on ESX 2.0 in 2004 (VCP #: 993). I have also earned VCP in ESX 3, and in vSphere 4 and 5.

My VMware Work Experience

  • I have been providing VMware consulting and training for more than 14 years. I have lead literally hundreds of classes and taught thousands of people how to use VMware. I teach both introductory and advanced VMware classes.
  • I worked for VMware as a senior contract VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) and consultant for almost 5 years. One of my regular duties was to help mentor new VCI's - helping them prepare for and successfully deliver vSphere classes.
  • After leaving VMware, I launched my own training business focused on VMware virtualization in 2008. In 2013, VMware called me back to help them ramp up support services for the upcoming vSphere 5.1 product launch.
  • Prior to VMware, I worked as a contract consultant / trainer for RedHat (I hold RHCE, RHCI and RHCX), Global Knowledge, Learning Tree and many other training and consulting companies.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math) from the University of Toronto, Canada. 

I also hold numerous industry certifications including VMware Certified Professional on VMware Infrastructure 2 & 3 and vSphere 4 & 5 (ret.), VMware Certified Instructor (ret.), RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE), RedHat Certified Instructor (RHCI) and RedHat Certified Examiner (RHCX) as well as certifications from LPI, HP, SCO and others.

I hope to see you in one of my VMware classes very soon... If you have questions, please contact me directly.

And... please link to me on LinkedIn - https://ca.linkedin.com/in/larrykarnis



Larry Karnis

For more information or for questions about this course, please contact:

Larry Karnis
President, ESXLab

+1 (905) 451-9488 x100
Mobile+1 (416) 890-8191
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Course Curriculum

Central vSphere Infrastructure Management with vCenter Server
Central vSphere Infrastructure Management with vCenter Server FREE TRIAL
Project Plan FREE TRIAL
Central Management with vCenter - Overview FREE TRIAL
vCenter is a Management Proxy Server FREE TRIAL
vCenter Lab - Part 1 Only FREE TRIAL
vCenter Server for Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012
vCenter Server Appiance (vCSA)
vCenter Server for Windows vs. vCenter Server Appliance
Single Sign-On Service (SSO)
vCenter Simple Install
vCenter for Windows Server - Database Options
Microsoft SQL Server and vCenter Server for Windows
vCenter's Database Size Estimating Tool
vCenter Server for Windows - Installer Application
Installing vCenter Server Appliance
Activating the Client Integration Plug-in (CIP)
vCenter Server Appliance - Ready to Start the Install
Selecting the Target ESXi 6 Host for vCSA
Setting the vCenter Server Appliance Administrator Account Properties
The Platform Service Controller (PSC)
Understanding the Embedded vs. External Platform Service Controller
Setting the SSO Password and Domain
Selecting the vCenter Server Appliance CPU / Memory Size
Selecting the vCSA Target Datastore
Setting vCSA Networking Properties
Ready to Deploy the vCenter Server Appliance
vCenter Server Appliance - Installation Completed
vCenter Lab - Parts 1 & 2 Only
Logging in to the vCSA for the First Time - Using Web Client
Adding vCSA's Base OS to Active Directory
Adding the vCenter Server Service to Active Directory
Updating Single Sign-On with the SSO Domain
Grant Administrator Rights to Active Directory Domain Accounts
Don't Bypass vCenter
vCenter's Home View in vSphere Client
vCenter's Home View in Web Client
Organizaing vCenter's Inventory
Using Folders to Organize Datacenters
Using Folders Within Datacenters
Viewing ESXi 6 Hosts Managed by vCenter
Managing vCenter Sessions
vCenter's Task Scheduler
vCenter's Task Console
vCenter's Events Console
The VMware Remote Console Application (VMRC)
VMware Remote Console Menu Items
Review / Edit Virtual Hardware with Web Client
The Virtual Machine's Actions Menu
vSphere C# Client - Use Cases
vCenter Functions only in Web Client
vCenter Maximums
vCenter Server Appliance Changes from vSphere 5.5
The VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA)
VMCA Options
Custom Certificate Management
vCenter Server Appliance - Management Console
vCenter Server - Best Practices
vCenter Lab - Parts 3, 4 and 5 FREE TRIAL
Review and Questions FREE TRIAL
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