Testimonials on ESXLab Training

Below is some of the unsolicited feedback we have received on ESXlab VMware vSphere instructor led and video on demand training...

ESXLab vSphere 6 courses are awesome. It took me a while to find your courses; I tried PluralSight and YouTube videos. Your course is clear concise and practical.

Chris Heiser
July, 2016

The course information is very practical and easy to follow. Basically it's like doing your first lab set up from a scratch. There's enough theory for you to actually understand what you are doing instead of just following steps.

Tommi Kahakoski
July 2016

Course information is very practical and easy to follow. Basically it's like doing your first lab set up from scratch.

Tommi Kahakosk
July, 2016

Larry presents the concepts in a way that is easy to understand. It is obvious that he has a lot of experience with VMware and adds lots of advice for handling real world situations.

Sabrina Pennington
May, 2016

The Instructor is a true professional, the course clear and understandable (even for non-native English speaker). A good Introduction for a good price.

Thomas Karolczak
March, 2016

I am very please with this training.. it covers all aspects. I was able to implement vSphere 6 at work based on what I learned in this course. Thanks again Larry...

Andrew Garrity
February, 2016

Information is very practical and easy to follow. There's enough theory to understand what you are doing instead of just following steps. A really well done course which is definitely worth the money! I recommend this to people new with VMware and people who use VMware but have never configured a host or understood how things work.

Tommi Kahakoski
July 2016

A very well detailed course. A must see for anyone interested in pursuing a VMware vSphere 6 certification.

Belinda Polk
July 2016

Based on my experience with VWware products and virtualization, this instructions is very thorough.The course is taught on a granular level, which is the way I like to learn. Step-by-step, Beginning-to-End learning.

Tristian Gay
June 2016

A very comprehensive and professional course. This is a REAL instructor, not a stay-at-home YouTube instructor. Buy these courses.

Chris Kuperstein
April, 2016

The course is well organized with block diagrams and proper explanation for understanding.

Rahul Ranjan Singh
March, 2016

Excellent course. Full of practical, real world information that will make me a better administrator.

Arvind Dowlut
February, 2016

Very professional workshop on virtualization topics like vCenter templates, alerts and etc. Larry illustrate his lectures with presentations. One of the most professional courses on VMWare. Great Work Larry!

Bob Jasinski
July 2016

Great course. I like the level of the details, the pace, and how the instructor explained the topics. With the price, It's no brainer to get this course.

Saptaji Basuki
July 2016

I enjoyed your training will all objects related to P2V migrations with vmware converter and thanks for sharing.

Varun Tiwari
May 2016

Very informative. Larry is clearly a Subject Matter Expert (SME). He engages his audience well. Great learning experience.

Kartik Vashishta
May 2016

Clear explanations and graphics that actually help in understand the concepts. Progressive learning and very well structured. Lots of emphasis placed in key areas to promote retention. Good course.

Daniel Bergeron
April, 2016

This is a excellent course. I'm using it to supplement my reading of VMware's official VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v6] manual.

Robert Ceglarz
March, 2016

Larry gets straight to the point with his courses and lesson. He keeps it short and gives you the info that you need. Larry doesn't fill his slides with a lot of extra talking for no reason.

Jorge Alheio
July, 2016

Great course. I like the level of the details and the pace.

Masajie Masajie
July, 2016

The course was simply superb. Step by step learning makes everything easy to understand.

Kumar C
May 2016

Larry is very clear and engaging! He seems very passionate about VMware. I have taken the prerequisite class for VCP5-DCV. This course is great for refresher and for learning what's new in vsphere 6. I hope to sit the exam very soon!

Jimmy Ford
May 2016

Great course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the material is very well organized and very easy to understand.

Kanti Sharma
April, 2016

This class is very comprehensive and covers a lot of material. Like the author said, it is like taking the 5 day class from VMWare but for a lot less money.

Jerry N
February, 2016

One of my friends showed me your vSphere 6 VMotion lecture. I am amazed with the level of detail you provided. I've seen PluralSight.com and CBTnuggets.com's training and yours is the most informative.

Rajesh Sood - Sr. System Analyst

ESXLab is outstanding. Their platform isn't a contrived lab build. They gave us access to a Win 2008R2 Server and to a complete lab environment. They also supply a setup manual, lab manual, student guide (that could easily replace a Sybex book) and responsive help desk for instructors. This is a complete solution. I'd use it in the future for this class without reservation."

D. Durr - Contractor, Consultant and Trainer

D. Durr

K Etter

Wanted to say thank you for teaching our vSphere class. I have had good and bad experiences with training, so I always go into these classes hoping they will be worth it. Your class definitely was. I learned quite a bit and will apply it immediately to my current VMware environment. And the new VMware environment I am working on soon will benefit even more.

K. Etter - Architect at MSKTD & Associates

Instructor was smart, patient, and well organized. He kept the class interesting and kept the students engaged and participate. He is one of the very best instructors I have encountered in my 18 years in HPE.

J. Smith - Manager, HPE

J Smith

M Marshall

I just wanted to thank you for teaching a great class. I got a lot out of it and have already put many of the things I learned to use.We had to upgrade our environment and your class made that much easier. It was wonderful having the hands-on lab experience before our upgrade so that we could practice in a safe setting. I also passed the ECVS certification exam. The course did a great job in preparing me. I feel that the exam is very relevant to our real world challenges.

M. Marshall - Gilford Medical